R1234YF Gas


We are delighted to now be able to offer customers the latest advancement in Air Conditioning technology and the newly introduced R1234YF gas.

Since 2015 vehicles have increasingly been using a specially formulated Air con gas.

This new gas improves performance and is kinder to the environment too.

We are delighted to now offer this as an option for cars & SUV's 

Cars will be charged at £110.00 plus vat = £132.00

SUV's will be charged at £140.00 plus vat = £168.00



Air Conditioning

Many people only notice that their Air Conditioning needs recharging when their windows do not clear of mist, the fans don’t blow as cold anymore or there is a strange smell when the fans are on. It is recommended that Air Conditioning Systems should be recharged every 2 years in order to keep the gasses fresh and help prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria.

If you should find yourself in this situation you can rest assured that we have fully qualified technicians that can rectify any of these problems with the help of the latest Air Conditioning Equipment.

Firstly all gasses will be removed from the system and a full pressure test will be carried out to ensure that there are no leaks for the gasses to escape from. If a leak is detected the tests will stop and we will advise on the fault that has been found.

Providing that no leaks are found, the system will be cleaned to remove harmful bacteria and the system will be refilled with the appropriate lubricants and gasses for that vehicle.

If you would like to book in for an Air Conditioning Service please call us on 01977 702317 or email at info@RegGreenwood.co.uk

Air Conditioning

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