OBD Protectors


Protecting your vehicle from electronic theft

The rise of car theft

Electronic car theft is becoming a threat for all cars, not just the more expensive models. It has been well noted in the press and online that cars are being stolen in under 30 seconds, all without even touching the keys. Most of these thefts are either involved in other criminal activity or the vehicles are being picked to traffic to other countries in mainland Europe.

The modern threat of electronic compromise

Although vehicle security has advanced over the years there has been nothing with new developments in car alarms and tracking devices, nothing has been developed to stop OBD theft. It is quite easy to obtain diagnostic tools that are capable of assisting OBD theft as it is not illegal to buy or own the equipment. The tools are used to connect through the OBD port and mimic signals of a key in order to start the vehicle.

How OBD Protector works

The OBD Protector once installed remains constantly active, even whilst the engine is off and the vehicle is locked. The only time that you will need to deactivate is when diagnostic work is needed to be done on the car. In order to deactivate the Protector you will need to use one of the authorisation cards supplied upon purchase.

Key features

  • Vehicle warranty – installing the OBD Protector does not void any warranty with main dealers as it is not hard wired to the vehicle system.
  • Will work with the majority of plug-in telematics systems
  • If you take your car for a service the authorisation cards can be used to disarm the vehicle. If it is not re-armed manually it will re-arm itself after a certain period of time.
  • There is no maintenance involved. Once it’s installed you don’t have to think about it again!
  • The kits are registered through the International Security Register so you’re your information will be safe.
  • The OBD Protector Thatcham Quality Assured product of this type on the market and has been independently attack tested and verified.

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