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What is Duxback?

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Every so often a product appears which just works, magnificently. Duxback™ is such a product. It is a revolutionary glass treatment that creates a hydrophobic coating on all treated glass, so that rain, sleet and snow simply beads up and rolls off, giving improved vision when driving in adverse weather conditions.

Once applied Duxback keeps glass as it should be - see through. On a windscreen, rain sleet and snow simply beads, sheds and rolls off, there is no need to use wipers when travelling over 40 mph in pouring rain! Ice is easy and quick to remove. Duxback will also prevent rainwater from impairing visibility on front side windows and obscuring door mirrors, particularly useful for company vehicle drivers who sometimes travel hundreds of miles in heavy rain. Water forms as tiny pearls of moisture, which are blown away as the vehicle increases speed, leaving the glass panel clearer.

Duxback even repels dirt, making the windscreen and side glass a whole lot easier to keep clean. With Global warming bringing the greater incidence of heavy monsoon type rainfall, which can be very frightening and dangerous, Duxback is essential for safer motoring.

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How much does it cost?

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Windscreen & Front Side Windows

£35 Now £25

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